Guy Goes Viral for Trolling a Choosing Beggar Like a Pro

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Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great places to find a deal – unlike in the store, you can (often) haggle over the cost of whatever you’re buying tp save money.

The arrangement isn’t always so great for sellers though. In order to sell their stuff, they have to field spam, bots…and trolls who simply want to have a little fun. One seller figured this out this after listing their PS4 and receiving messages from a seasoned troll.

Thankfully screenshots of the conversation exist for our collective amusement.

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Mind you, the list price for the PS4 is $250.

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Then things got weird…

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Thankfully, the exchange took a turn for the hilarious.

Then things kept getting more imaginative. You know things are getting creative when many fantasy franchises are referenced during a business deal.

The seller is clearly still ticked that someone would offer only a paltry $80 for something listed at $250, so they continued trolling the potential buyer.

Political references naturally became a part of the conversation.

Eventually the potential buyer revealed something about himself that explains why he didn’t want to pay the full price of the PS4.

But the seller still didn’t hold back his sarcasm.

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And there was finally an ending to this story.

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Although we feel a little bad for that little kid who was just trying to get a PS4, we are so glad this expert trolling has left the internet with some valuable entertainment.

What did you think of this expert trolling?

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