Do you believe in ghosts? That’s a question you’ve surely been asked more than once in your life, and regardless of how you answer the question, I find that it almost always leads to interesting conversation.

For my part, I definitely believe in…something. Energy that’s left behind, perhaps? I don’t really know, but I’ve experienced a few things myself that make it impossible for me to dismiss it all as a bunch of hoaxes and hyperactive imaginations, or what have you.

Maybe that makes me the target audience for this kind of thing, but I have to say that even if it’s not true and he’s making it all up, it’s a damn good story. Actually, you might not want to read if you’re alone, especially if you’re alone at night, because yeah…

This creeped me out.

Here we go…

It all began when Buzzfeed contributor Adam Ellis had a weird dream about a little boy.

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This is what he looks like. Yeah. NIGHTMARES!

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What did the kid want? Well, that’s a little more unclear.

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Damn right, he woke up screaming. Now I’m screaming.

But wait. It totally gets worse.

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So that’s not concerning, right? *sweats*

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Okay, so this is all very weird and disturbing, but they’re just dreams, right? And luckily, soon after all of this began, Adam had the chance to move to a nicer apartment in his building, which he did right away (obvs). He figured that was that, and the spirit (or whatever it was) would leave him alone once he’d moved. Seems legit, right?

Wrong. So wrong.