This Guy Made a Hilarious Pros and Cons List of First Date Locations


I don’t know what this fella Matt Shirley does for a living, but he needs to be a relationship counselor…or a comedian. On his Instagram page, Shirley recently revealed the chart he created about the pros and cons of different first date locations.

There’s some seriously useful information on there, right? Well, Shirley isn’t a one-trick pony. His Instagram page is filled with helpful charts on a variety of subjects ranging from playing Mario Kart to what to expect during your Uber ride. Take a look at a bunch of different charts that Shirley has created and just try not to be impressed.

He’s so wise…

On point!

How the weekend intersects:

No trick. Only treat.

This is why I don’t run, tbh

That f**king blue shell!

Yeah, you’re not getting out of there without a rectal

It’s mostly pee for me

I think I need some coffee now!

Still can’t dance well. 🙁

Coincidence? We think not!

I never thought about it like this!

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