Younger Brother Sends Text Messages To His Sister’s Boyfriend — They Become Friends And Their Conversations Went Viral

Photo Credit: Pexels

Impressing your partner’s family is a difficult undertaking, but David Lopez is clearly a pro. He shared some exchanges that he had with his girlfriend’s little brother on his Twitter account, and, naturally, the internet found them frickin’ adorable.

Note: suegra is Spanish for mother-in-law.

Here’s a close-up of the conversation.

Photo Credit: Davidlopez360

Lopez’s girlfriend’s younger brother was proud that he had scored two soccer goals (good for him!). He wanted to share the news with Lopez and then suggested celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese.

Photo Credit: Davidlopez360

Note: mugroso is Spanish slang for dirty or sweaty.

Jesus also texts David from his mother’s phone because he’s still not old enough for his own. Here’s another adorable exchange in which the boy talks to Lopez about PS4.

Photo Credit: Davidlopez360

Some people let Lopez know just how cute they thought the conversations were:

Some people also had snarky remarks.

Others thought it was cute that young Jesus knew he’d beat David at Fornite.

Hopefully, David shares more screenshots of future cute message threads. For now, boyfriends everywhere should take notes so they can gain the respect of their potential future in-laws.

Were you moved by these brotherly texts? We’d love to know.