Guy Tried to Give a Police Officer a Ticket for Not Parking Correctly

Hey, I guess some cops out there do have a sense of humor!

Which most folks never get to see because we usually only hear the negative things about that profession.

But still…even though this video is funny and ended well…

This might not be the best idea, so don’t try this at home.

It seems that a young fella saw a police officer parked illegally and decided to take matters into his own hands…in a funny way, of course.

The young man jokingly presented a police officer who was parked in his SUV with a fake ticket for his “janky parking” and the cop took the joke in stride…luckily.

Here’s the video in all its glory.

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I like how the cop put this kid on blast for his bad grammar! He even started to take out his pen to make some corrections before the video ended.

Check out how TikTok viewers reacted to this funny video.

One viewer said,

“Love how the cop played along.”

Another person said,

“I like how he wasn’t an a**hole about it.”

But one individual brought up a good point and said,

“It’s funny until he pulls the Uno reverse card and tickets you for impersonating a cop.”

Good thing that didn’t happen here…

What do you think about this story? And have you ever had any amusing encounters with cops before?

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