Halloween Lovers Imagine the Worst ‘Sexy’ Costumes to Wear This October

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You see it every October, and you know it’s coming this year too.

People all dressed up in their “sexy” Halloween costumes. Might be a nurse, a doctor, or even a sexy cowgirl. Any way you cut it, they’re never really that sexy, are they?

In this AskReddit thread, Halloween buffs imagine the worst sexy costumes that we might see this October.

1. Let’s hope not

“Sexy school shooter. You could do that Miley Cyrus thing where you lick the barrel.”

2. Oh no!

“Bill Cosby… but imagine those sexy sweaters.”

3. Really?

“A few places already pulled Sexy Handmaids Tale costumes from their websites/shelves because of the backlash from having “sexy” costumes.”

4. Now that I would like to see

“Sexy post-transformation Jeff Goldblum from the hit film, The Fly.”

5. That is scary

“Member of the lollipop guild. Sexy munchkin= Snooki.”

6. That is really bad

“When I was in college two of my friends decided to go as the Twin Towers for Halloween. They had tiny figures hanging out of the windows with string and were chain smoking cigarettes so they could blow smoke out of their costumes. They only wore them for like an hour before taking them off and putting something else on, but I would say a sexy version of that would be even worse.”

7. Howdy, neighbor!

“Flanders – stupid sexy Flanders.”

8. Okay…

“Sexy Gorton’s Fisherman!”

9. Very timely

“Sexy Judge Kavanaugh … with alcohol.”

10. A bit of a stretch

“His d*ck is a hammer and you’re going to get nailed, it’s Bob the Sexy Builder.”

11. Might work

“Stephen Hawking.”

12. I’m getting turned on…

“A standard 2×2 red lego brick. It’s not sexy, but it’s hard, rigid, and all you need.”

13. Not a pretty picture

“Sexy cold sore.”

14. Let’s pass on this one

“Sexy tampon.”

15. Welcome to Flavor Town!

“Guy Fieri.”