Hamilton’s Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Response to Why Disney Censored Lines From the Musical

Image Credit: Instagram

Hamilton has been nothing less than a phenomenon since it landed on Broadway more than five years ago. The cast, the music, the flipped lens of history, the racial diversity – it’s left audiences stunned and thrilled in all of the best possible ways.

Now, you may have heard that it’s available to see, with the original cast, on Disney+.

If you’ve been a fan before now, and have listened to the soundtrack (hundreds of times) or see a live performance (or three), you probably noticed that some of the lyrics were tweaked for Disney audiences.

And while some are miffed and offended that anyone – even Disney – dare lay a finger on a masterpiece, creator, writer, and lead actor Lin Manuel-Miranda had a bit of a different take on why he allowed some of his curse words to be edited.

He explains that of course, Disney wanted the movie to be not-R-rated, which meant only 1 f*ck is allowed. The original Hamilton has 3 f*cks.

Lin Manuel goes on to say he gives not only 1, but 2 f*cks so the kids can see the movie/musical.

And he tells you where it happens, but reminds us all we can sync up the album and sing along whatever lyrics we enjoy in the comfort of our own homes.

He reassured everyone that every last drop of historical goodness was included, so we were all basically foaming at the mouth when it dropped.

If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?! Those f-bombs are fun but you’re not going to think it’s any less awesome without them!

Go now!