Handy Teen Made a Prom Dress from Scratch After Learning His Date Couldn’t Afford the One She Wanted

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If you think that romance and grand gestures are only for the young, well…these kids are not going to change your opinion.

Because this high school boy went way beyond even the most elaborate prom-posal when he made a dress – from scratch – so that his date would have her dream gown for the occasion.

Image Credit: Twitter

His name is Parker Smith, and his prom date, Adrianna Rust, is the one who suggested – jokingly – that maybe he should make her the dress she wanted. She’d found it while shopping with friends, but the price tag was so high she’d had to leave the store empty-handed – a sad moment all of us know too well, but one that would sting a bit more when the occasion is once-in-a-lifetime.

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Parker knew Addi was joking, but he thought, why not make the dress? I mean, he’d never sewn anything in his life, but how hard can it be, right?

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He made a sketch (obviously he’s an artist!), then moved onto teaching himself how to sew.

Luckily, his grandmother is an expert and was willing to help, but Parker created the entire thing from start to finish. He was tweaking the dress until the last minute.

Image Credit: Twitter

“I’m such a perfectionist that I was up adding more stones to the dress even the night before prom,” he told Bored Panda.

Parker tweeted about the experience, sharing photographs of the infectious couple’s successful night out.

“Quite a journey, but the first thing I’ve ever sewn (a prom dress) has been finished, just in time for the ball! Not only did I get the honor of being the Prince Charming to the beautiful @AddiRust, but her fairy godmother as well, haha! I’m so thankful for her.”

I don’t know about y’all, but I just fell in love with both of them.

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