Hang on, Oreo Lovers: Tiramisu-Flavored Oreos Are Coming Your Way

Photo Credit: Oreo/DYK

Breaking news from those crazy flavor developers at Oreo: a new cookie flavor is coming, and it’s one I’m already thinking about stuffing in my mouth.

Tiramisu is on its way, available early this year.

The packaging tells us only that the two traditional cookies will sandwich a double layer of creme filling. We’re guessing there’ll be one layer of the normal Oreo creme on top of a coffee flavored creme layer to make the tiramisu flavoring, since the beloved dessert is traditionally made of fluffy marscapone cheese over lady fingers soaked in coffee.

Photo Credit: Alexis Fam

People in other countries are already able to enjoy the sweet treat, and it’ll finally be our turn here in the USA.

Not soon enough, if you ask me.

Alert Instagram user @TheJunkFoodAisle broke the news when they posted an image of the packaging. The announcement spread throughout social media because Italian dessert + American junk food = fabulous.


One follower asked the question we all wanted to know the answer to: “Has this been fact checked? Don’t play with my emotions like this.”

Another announced, “Oh we will be fighting over these.”

Photo Credit: Angel caboodle

Delish says it is real, but you’ve got to cool your jets until April. That’s the supposed month the cookie will crumble. Er…drop.

We also have it on good authority that Most Stuf Oreos are coming back, too.

What do you think? Will you be making room in your secret snack drawer for tiramisu flavored Oreos? Let us know in the comments.