This Is What Happens When a Cruise Ship Sails Into a ‘Bomb Cyclone’

©Facebook,Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

One of my greatest fears is being stuck at sea…especially with a bunch of strangers who I probably don’t like very much. Passengers on a Norweigan Cruise were unfortunate enough to sail directly into a rare, intense storm known as a “bomb cyclone”, and the video footage and photos that emerged were pretty terrifying. And they didn’t help diminish my fears at all. The National Weather Service Ocean Prediction Center sent out a warning about the massive storm.

Photo Credit: Twitter, NWSOPC

The storm gathered strength and soon threatened the entire east coast. Eventually, the storm zeroed in on the cruise ship and passengers experienced the terrifying conditions as seen in the videos below.

Passengers were obviously not happy with how the cruise line handled the situation.

Norweigan Cruise Lines officials said that the crew encountered worse conditions than they predicted.

The ship eventually returned safely to port, but not until passengers and crew endured what was obviously a horrible ordeal at sea. You won’t find me on a cruise ship anytime soon…

h/t: Mashable