7+ Times Tumblr Thought a Little Too Hard About Harry Potter


If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ve likely spent some time researching it on Tumblr – and having everything you thought you knew called into question.

These posts are no different, so…sorry in advance if I shake the core foundations of your world. Or, you know, just break your heart. #RIPHedwig

#8. So true…

#7. Still too soon.

#6. Make sure and read all the way to the bottom. #sowrong #sofunny

#5. When you realize Voldemort wasn’t that smart after all.

#4. Go home, Dumbledore. You’re drunk.

#3. I love stills. So telling.

#2. It’s funny…because it’s real.

#1. Love it for the caption.

(h/t: The Chive)

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