Harley-Davidson Is Making a Bicycle, So Get Ready to Feel Like One of the Cool Kids

Image Credit: Harley-Davidson

Okay, fine. You’ll probably only feel like one of the cool kids until someone goes “really, you got a Harley?” and then demands to see your “bike” and finds out it’s, you know. A bike as in bicycle.

Still, bicycles are awesome and so are people that ride them, so why would a company like Harley not want to reach a new and exciting market?

Image Credit: Harley-Davidson

That’s exactly what they’re doing, so if you’ve always wanted to “ride a Harley,” you’re about to get the chance.

The Serial 1 is the first electric bicycle in Harley-Davidson’s new product line. They’re not sharing much about the bike’s bells and whistles – or the price, for that matter – but we do know that it’s supposed to be the electric-assist bicycle for everyone.

Image Credit: Harley-Davidson

They released a video this week, showing off the Serial 1’s mid-mounted motor, internal break cables, and lighting that makes riding at night a bit safer.

It’s design includes elements from Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle, released in 1903 – specifically the white wheels and vintage handlebars.

Image Credit: Harley-Davidson

You can’t preorder yet, but you can sign up on the new website for updates – so get on that!

I’m completely intrigued by this look and concept, though I do want to know more before I plunk down any cash.

That said, I doubt I’ll be the only one tempted by this sleek offering from one of the best known brands in the business.

What do you think about this new bike from Harley-Davidson? Let us know in the comments!