He Asked His Kids Not to Come To His Wedding. Is He a Jerk?

Hey, what do you expect if you RSVP “no” to a wedding?

Someone to roll out a red carpet for you after you rejected their invitation?

I don’t think so!

And this man wants to know if he’s wrong for asking his kids not to attend his nuptials after they gave him the cold shoulder.

Read his story below and let us know if you think he’s acting like an a**hole.

AITA for not asking my kids to come to my wedding after they RSVP’d no?

“My kids were young when I left their mother. She decided that she preferred the company of another man to mine.

I was heartbroken and humiliated but I dealt fairly in the divorce. My alimony and child support were set and I never missed one payment or a chance to spend time with my kids.

Beyond our scheduled time together I did all the dad stuff I came to see them perform in school plays and play sports. If they wanted to talk I made myself available. I never spoke about their mother other than to say she was a good mom and they were lucky to have her.

When she remarried my alimony ended but obviously not the child support. She had another kid with her husband.

When my kids were 18 and 17 their mom was diagnosed with cancer and it was very aggressive. She ended up needing a lot of expensive treatment and it ended her marriage. He left because of the debts and he could not care for her. I don’t really know more than that.

She didn’t make it five years. I felt bad at the time but it had nothing to do with me any more. I had just become engaged to my fiancee. I sent my kids invitations to my wedding. It was just small in my back yard. They both said they would not be attending and that I was heartless for getting married just two months after their mom d**d. I said that I understood their grief and that I hoped they changed their minds. And then I dropped it.

I got married on Saturday and my kids found out. They called me and said I was a d**k for not postponing my wedding or at least calling to ask them to come.

I just said that they knew the time and place and I would have made room for them and had food if they had shown up.

They are both p**sed at me but I don’t think I’m wrong for not changing my plans over the d**th of a woman I divorced over a decade ago.”

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