He Bought His Siblings Better Gifts Than His Step-Siblings. Do You Think He’s Wrong?

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AITA for buying my siblings better gifts than my step siblings?

“My dad has been married to Joy for 2 years.

She has two kids who are 7m and 5f. My siblings (14m and 13f) and I 16m live with our dad and Joy. I don’t consider Joy my parent or her kids my siblings but I’m not a jerk either so when I went Christmas shopping I did get them gifts, but nothing like what I got my siblings. I got my sister this makeup case she’s been wanting, some decals for her Switch and I got her some packs of Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

I got my brother three video games he’s wanted for a while and I got him a second controller for his PS5. I work PT and I save most of my money so I could afford to do this. I got a toy for each of my stepsiblings, not even really sure what they were, but not very expensive. I was wrapping them while everyone else was out.

Joy came home early and saw me wrapping them, asked where the rest of the gifts were, I said that was it, and she got mad at me because she realized her kids got way less compared to my siblings and the effort was put into my siblings more. She told me I was old enough to treat them all exactly the same and to imagine how it would feel for her kids to think I don’t love them the same.

She complained to my dad when he got home and he asked me about it. I told him her kids don’t mean the same to me as my siblings so I got them something to be nice vs actually wanting to and trying to be their big brother. Dad spoke to Joy after me and she was annoyed that I didn’t see them all as equally my siblings.

She questioned me on who else I bought gifts for and I told her it was none of her business. She told me I live in her house, she’s the mom of the house, etc. I told her I don’t have a mom and that she’s not MY mom and I don’t owe her the information about who I spend my money on gifts for.

Things are now so tense. It’s been more than a week and my dad asked if I would consider spending more on Joy’s kids to keep the peace. I told him I wasn’t willing to do that. So dad bought some extra gifts for me to say are from me. Joy was p**sed and said I was a little a**hole because I should not be getting blood family better gifts for being blood when we’re all equally one family.


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