He Didn’t Tell His Son That His Ex-Girlfriend Would Be Having Breakfast With Them. Is He a Jerk?

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AITA for not telling my son that his ex-girlfriend would be having breakfast with us?

“I (46m) have a son (18m) in senior year, who was with a girl (18f) for two years from his school and they recently broke up.

His ex girlfriend is well-mannered and intelligent, me and my wife both adore her. Her parents are the same. They broke up at the end of October after they went to a halloween party and she broke up with him. They have despised each other since and would be cold to/or about each other, though he never explained the details of why they broke up and has been extremely hurt by this.

A couple of days back, a number was calling me several times in the middle of the night and i answered. It was his ex girlfriend, she was crying and mumbling. She was going on about her mother and it was all incoherent. She was clearly inebriated and i calmed her down, she was asking me if she could stay in the guest bedroom for the rest of the night and i told her that she can stay however long she saw fit.

Me and my wife included her into breakfast the next morning even though she felt embarrassed and my son joined us, but was clearly flabbergasted by seeing her and was about to leave, though i encouraged him to sit with us. It was quite awkward to say the least, though it is evident they clearly still like each other as i have seen her at our house.

She cut her stay short as she said her parents would be worried and it was better if she started heading home. My son offered to drive her home, she just said ”no, thank you” and left.

As soon as she left, he got upset at both of us and was wondering “why she was here for breakfast?” and he told us that we were immensely invasive of a space in his life that is fragile and that i don’t respect his boundaries by letting her stay without his knowledge.

He told me that i should’ve at least warned him that she would be here. I was wondering if i was the a**hole for letting her stay, encouraging her to stay for breakfast and proceeding to not tell him as he was greatly upset by this.


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