Is She Wrong for Giving Her Husband an Honest Opinion After He Asked For One? People Responded.

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So is this woman wrong for giving her husband an honest opinion when he asked for one?

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AITA for giving my husband my honest opinion after he asked?

“My husband and I [42F, 39M] recently passed through his hometown and so made a trip by his childhood house to show me where he grew up.

He was ecstatic to find that the Chinese takeaways/fish n chip shop that his mum got for him each Friday as a kid to was still open 20+ years later. Even though we’re on a diet I decided to indulge him and go there for a nostalgia dinner. Big mistake.

After spending half an hour talking to the elderly Chinese owner about how he used to go there as a kid (without consideration for me just standing there waiting) he ordered half the menu. Fish and chips, lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, chicken fried rice. His excuse being we could save leftovers for the next few days. Even though he knows we are on a diet.

When we finally got home to eat he asked me what I thought. I’m someone that speaks how I feel (he knows this) so I was honest: it was terrible. The chips were too salty and not crispy enough, fried rice skimped on the meat, sweet an sour pork didn’t feel authentic, among other things. I’m confident if not for my husband’s nostalgia glasses he would say the same.

My husband is acting like I personally insulted his late mother. As if I was supposed to lie and pretend to like a disgusting meal he didn’t even make. I stand by my comments 100% but want to know if I am the a**hole here or if my husband just needs to man up a bit.


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