He Expects His Girlfriend to Cancel Her Plans for Him. Is He a Jerk?

Well, well, well, it seems like this guy really thinks the world revolves around him.

Or, at least it appears that way on the surface based on the question he asked folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

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AITA for expecting my gf to cancel her plans for me?

“My gf is super into hiking and we planned a trip to Cali that involved a hike in the Grand Canyon she always wanted to do. We did a hike the day before that was too intense for me and I’m not a fit as her.

I finished but I couldn’t go the other hike aka the dream hike of hers. It was also not meant to be done in one day and the rangers said it was hard to do in one day and not advised.

She said she was confident she could do it saying she had hiked harder and she is very fit but I just felt like she was discounting what the rangers said. I said I wasn’t going and she said she would go alone and I asked her to wait till tomorrow for me to recover.

She said the weather report had a 30% chance of rain for tomorrow and that she wasn’t going to give up on a bucket list hike and if I still wanted to do it tomorrow she would do it again with me. I got mad because I felt like she was ok with abandoning me with nothing to do at her campsite and I didn’t want to talk to her that evening but she didn’t seem to care and prepped for her hike.

She finished it the next day and I feel like she didn’t care that I was too tried to hike and chose to go without me. To me the people are more important than the activities but to her she definitely wanted to finish the hike at all costs.”

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