Teenager Asks if She’s Wrong for Moving Out of Her House the Way She Did

When you gotta go, you gotta go

That saying can be used in a lot of life situations, and that includes when you think it’s time to MOVE OUT.

So is this teenager a jerk for moving out of her house the way she did?

Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA for moving out like this?

“My(19F) parents adopted a baby(1M) a month ago. I h**e babies. He cries all night and I had to give up my room because we only have 2 bedrooms and I moved in the basement which is not big enough so I had to get rid of some of my stuff.

One night I couldn’t sleep anymore. He kept crying so in the morning I tried to talk to my parents and tell them that I’m moving out but they were “busy” and didn’t even listen. I called my aunts and uncles to see if I can stay with them for a few days until I find a place but they all said no and made different excuses so I thought screw them all. I packed my stuff and went to my friends home but left my phone at my parents home because I knew they’d be mad if I move out.

It took them FOUR DAYS to realize that I don’t live there anymore. They say I’m an a**hole because according to them when they realized me and my stuff are gone they called me and when I didn’t answer they called the whole family and when they realized no one knows where I am they panicked. I told them I’m not the a**hole because I literally told EVERYONE that I’m moving out. It’s not my fault that no one listened.

Everyone is mad at me now and my parents told me I have to come back and apologize and they are not talking to me now until I do as they said.”

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This individual said she’s NTA at all.

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Another person said this girl’s parents are definitely the a**holes in this story.

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And this reader also said she’s NTA and said her parents need to do some thinking about what they’ve done here.

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