He Got Angry When His Partner Announced That She’s Pregnant. Was He Wrong?

Pranks can be funny a lot of the time but we all know they can also be hurtful and totally inappropriate.

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Was this person wrong for how he reacted when his partner announced she was pregnant?

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AITA for getting angry when my partner announced she’s pregnant?

“My partner (34f) and I (28m) have been together for 5 years. She has a daughter (8) from a previous relationship.

Right off the bat, it was made known I had fertility issues and likely wouldn’t ever be able to father a child. I moved slow in the relationship, although I had fallen in love with her fast. When things got serious, I overheard her telling her sister she was concerned that I might be an ‘aggressive type’ person because of the amount of scars I have. I didn’t want her scared away so I told her I had a bad childhood and left it at that.

A little over two years into our relationship, I felt somewhat comfortable opening up and for the first time I told her exactly why I’m infertile which is a direct result of an injury I suffered due to trauma as a child. She was really empathetic and I was just thankful I had found the one I want to spend my life with that also came with a kid I adore.

Fast forward to last summer. My partner and her friend decided to play an impromptu prank on me. I came home from work, there were multiple positive pregnancy tests in the bathroom. My partner announced she was pregnant, I started freaking out…a happy freak out cause I thought I had hit the lottery with the slim to none chance I have. They both started laughing, the tests were from the friend and not my partner.

I was pretty much devastated and felt really let down that my partner would actually pull a prank like that. At first she was shocked by my reaction and said, “I thought you’d know it was a joke considering your circumstances.” She ended up apologizing after realizing how hurt I was.

Now for the point of the post. Three weeks ago she arranged a huge dinner with her entire family at our house. She had us play this stupid mystery game and ultimately announced to everyone she’s pregnant. Her mother and sisters were deliriously happy.

Immediately I got p**sed thinking this was yet another prank, so I showed absolutely no emotions which everyone caught on to. I said to my partner, “Either you’re just mentally disturbed or you’re cheating.” That’s pretty much when all hell broke loose.

My partner’s POV is that she was sincerely apologetic about the prank and I should know her well enough to not think she’d ever pull that stunt again. She’s also livid at me for ruining the announcement, embarrassing her in front of her entire family, causing them to think I’m a horrible person and then finally insinuating that she’s a cheater.

I still stand by my claim that had she never pranked me, my reaction would have been different. I do find it odd she decided to tell me along with her family.

Things would have likely went over better had she told me first, and then we announced it together. But I’m starting to think I acted immaturely causing scene in front of her family, and I think that’s maybe where I’m wrong.”

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