He Recorded a Female Co-Worker Without Her Permission. Was He Wrong?

In this day and age, I don’t think it’s a good idea to film or record anyone without their permission…it usually only leads to problems…

But it happens all the time…

Check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see if you think this guy was out of line for what he did to a co-worker.

AITA for recording my female coworker without her permission?

“I know the title sounds bad but hear me out I 28m have a female coworker 26f who likes to flirt with all of the men at work.

My wife 24f knows about her and how I feel. Coworker stays away from me unless it’s work related because I shot her down a few times and told her (on Monday) if she didn’t knock it off I would report her to HR. Well yesterday that coworker found my wife’s social media and messaged her telling her that I’m a “creep” and “won’t leave her alone” and that I “tried to pay her for s**”.

I was honestly disgusted. I ignore her existence unless it’s work related and I couldn’t believe the blatant lies she was telling. So today I go into work and have my phone in my hand and recorded our conversation when I confronted her. I didn’t show her face the camera was facing the floor so all that was shown was the shoes.

After some back and forth she admitted she was mad that I threatened HR and hoped my wife would force me to quit my job so I wasn’t a “problem” anymore. So I took the recording and the messages to HR and she was fired immediately. On the way out of the building she screamed at me that I was an a**hole and a few other choice words for recording her without her permission and that she’s suing me for it.

Even a few coworkers said I was wrong for it and I should have just showed HR the messages and how she’s a single mom and I just cost her kids their livelihood.


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This person said he’s NTA and that you should always have proof in these kinds of situations.

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And another Reddit user agreed and said this woman was trying to destroy his life.

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Another individual said this guy was just trying to protect himself because of how untrustworthy this woman is.

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