He Refuses to Wear His Engagement Ring on His Left Hand. Is He Wrong?

Guys, let me give you a little life advice.

When it comes to ANY kind of talk about wearing an engagement ring with your lady, just nod your head and say yes and agree with everything.

But this story has a little twist to it…

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AITA for refusing to wear my engagement ring on the left hand?

“This is sounds so stupid and childish, maybe it’s the stress of the past months planning the engagement but my girlfriend and I got into a huge argument about this. (we are getting engaged this Sunday)

For context, I injured my left pinky badly when I was a child and it had to be amputated. I’ve always been self-conscious about my left hand and refuse to wear anything on it. When/If I wear rings, watches and/or bracelets it’s always on my right.

When we first tried the rings we got she put it on my left hand. It felt weird and told her I’d be more comfortable wearing it on my right. She said to just try it for a few weeks and I will get used to it.

So I’ve tried wearing a ring that I already had on my left hand for a month but it didn’t get less weird for me and it was uncomfortable. Two weeks ago I told her again that I’d be more comfortable wearing on my right and she reluctantly agreed.

Well this morning she told me I need to wear it on my left because there is vein that runs from to the left ring finger to the heart. I tried reaching a compromise with her and told her she can put it on my left hand during the ceremony and I’ll keep wearing it for the whole party and afterwards I will start wearing it on my right. I assured her that I would not love her less just because I am not wearing it on a finger that doesn’t have a vein to the heart.

She refused my compromise and sarcastically suggested that I don’t wear it at all because why even wear rings because it’s not like we are getting engaged or want to get married in the future or anything.”

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