He Told His Fiancée to Get Over Herself. Did He Go Too Far?

Oh, get over yourself!

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AITA for telling her to get over herself?

“I got a dog 2 years ago (Corgi) and she is very much so my side kick. I’ve been with my fiance for 5 years. My fiance does like the dog but she is currently pregnant and experiencing massive migraines and has been snapping at everything.

So every morning when I get up I find my fiance already awake and at the table relaxing. As soon as I get out of the bed, my dog goes nuts. It’s like super energy where she is running sideways, barking up a storm, jumping from the bed to the floor a million times (causing the apartment to shake because it’s old asf), etc and I will sit there and sing made up songs to her and just f**k around with her.

It is pretty noisy and I can be loud. It’s just my way of interacting with my pet. I also have ADHD, so I’m fully aware that I can be ridiculously loud and sometimes I simply forget to tone it down.

My fiance has complained about it a few times and I will absolutely try to tone it down for awhile but as f**ked up as it sounds, the second she stops complaining and it’s “out of sight, out of mind”, I start doing it again. If I catch myself I apologize immediately but sometimes I don’t even catch myself doing it.

So she has been getting up earlier than normal because she says she needs “peace and quiet away from you and the dog” because she can’t hear herself think when we get up and then she starts getting migraines and being overall p**sed off. But now she is complaining because I can sense her not in the bed anymore probably after twenty minutes of her being gone and her warmth no longer there and then I’m wide awake and the dog senses it and ya know.

So she’s now getting p**sed because she thinks I’m purposely not letting her have space and purposely annoying her with my behaviors. I’m not, truly but it seems like it I guess. I’ve tried just laying in bed for awhile so she can relax but I get stir crazy and I also don’t feel like I should have to stay in bed so she can be alone when I live here too.

But she flipped this morning. I felt her sneaking out of bed this morning at 5am and tiptoe out of the room. I watched her sit at the table with her book. Well, the dog saw me awake and immediately goes ballistic. Jumping on the bed, whining, barking, etc.

She comes in and says “will you guys calm down so I can have time to myself for once?” I just side eyed her because I’m getting p**sed at this point with her demands. She says “well?” I tell her to get over herself. Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean I have to change who I am or change how the household works or change my dynamic with my dog.

She immediately left after telling me to go f**k myself and won’t answer my calls. She’s been gone for 6 hours.”

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