He Watched an R-Rated Movie on a Plane. Was He Wrong?

What’s your stance on what kind of movies are off-limits to watch on your device if you’re flying?

I’d hope anything NC-17 and above would be off-limits but you never know, right?

Read this story and see if you think this guy acted like an a**hole for watching an R-rated movie on a plane.

AITA for watching an R rated movie on a flight?

“I, 19m, was on a flight to visit my parents.

I had a few movies downloaded on my phone, including the second Deadpool. I was watching it on my phone with headphones in, when the part where Deadpool gets ripped in half happens, and I can hear a (muffled) scream behind me. I take out my headphones and there’s a little kid behind me, crying.

He had positioned himself in a way that he could watch my screen and had watched him get torn. His mom got mad at me and yelled that I shouldn’t be watching that kind of thing, especially in front of children.

But I wasn’t aware anyone was watching me, and that kid would have had to force himself into that weird position to see my phone screen.

So, am I an a**hole?”

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One reader said he’s NTA and that this woman should have kept an eye on her kid.

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And this Reddit user agreed and said that this parent sounds like the a**hole in this story.

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Another individual made a good point about movies they show on planes and said people should keep an eye on their own kids.

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