Her Family Kept Complaining About What She Cooked, So This Teenager Went On Strike. Was She an A-Hole?

The past year has seen many of us pick up new responsibilities around the house, most of which none of us asked for or wanted. You might not realize this goes for teenaged kids, too, who are certainly old enough to pitch in, but who are also still just children at the end of the day.

This 17yo girl is the oldest of 5, which probably means she’s had a good amount of responsibilities for years, but as her parents continued to work during the pandemic and she and her 4 siblings were home, the job of fixing dinner every night has fallen to her.

I’m (17f) the oldest of five. Ever since Covid my parents have left me in charge at home, and have me cooking dinner most nights (6/7 to be exact).

My siblings and I are going to school virtually so we’re in the house together all day. Although they’re going out to friends more now.

She’s learned the hard way that kids are ungrateful d%cks when it comes to food you’ve prepared, but it also sounds like her parents are annoying about not liking what she’s fixed, too.

There were always complaints about the food I was cooking (don’t want pasta, no rice, why more chicken, used up too many groceries for one dish). B

ut lately it has been bugging me more. I made pizza one night. I did a regular pizza because I was tired of complaints about the choices I was making.

But even that wasn’t good enough.

Things came to a head the night EVERYONE complained about good ol’ pizza.

My siblings all wanted more cheese and said it was shitty (siblings are 15m, 14m, 12f, 10f).

My dad wanted pineapple and ham on his pizza. My mom said pizza wasn’t what she wanted to come home to on a Wednesday afternoon.

The next night she fixed her own food, cleaned up the mess, and was then berated by her sibs and parents for leaving them in the lurch.

I said nothing. I didn’t even show I was frustrated. But the next day I didn’t make them anything. I made myself some spicy chicken noodles. Had it all cleaned up and everything before anyone got home and then everyone was home and they were hungry and complaining and then my parents exploded because they said I was being petty and rude and they threatened to ground me because I didn’t do all my chores.

I told them they should have thought about that before shitting all over everything and I was doing more than enough and why ground me when I never leave the house anyway, I’m basically a live in nanny at this point and I get treated worse than they would treat a paid nanny.

They called her petty and unthinking and even mean, but…was she?

They said it was a wrong move to let them go without food. Especially my siblings.

I guess I can see why that would be an AH move but honestly they should be more appreciative too.


Reddit is about to weigh in, but personally, I’m ready to give this chick a high five.

Some good points here, as no one she’s cooking for is a baby.

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There are some expectations that need to change.

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The parents have an imbalance of expectations, and that should absolutely change.

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It’s time she stood up for herself.

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100. In this day and age of microwaves, freezers, and DoorDash, her actions weren’t forcing anyone to go hungry.

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I’m with this girl, 100%. Probably, because of her age, she could have tried sitting down with her parents first and listing her very reasonable grievances, but she held out longer than I would have.

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