Her Husband Demanded 50% Of Her Profits for Doing Nothing and She Called Him Out. Was She Wrong?

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Anyway, today you’re going to read about a woman who is now wondering if she acted like an a**hole because of how she is dealing with her husband in business-related matters.

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AITA for calling my husband delusional for demanding I give him 50% profit of my business that he didn’t support?

“My husband M35 is a bank clerk and I F29 have WFH job which I barely bear since I’m an active outdoor person and like doing gardening stuff in particular.

I figured since I have background in gardening I decided to use our spacious backyard to grow flowers and sell them online after arranging and organizing them into bouqets. When I brought this up with my husband he said this was the worst idea ever, adding this would be major waste of time and money and suggested I look for a 2nd job.

I didn’t listen and started my business little by little. In a matter of 18 months it started bringing decent money and I gained customers. My husband offered to look at how much I was able to make in the past months and was impressed.

The other day he was standing with his drink while I was checking my flowers. He talked about what a good job I was doing keeping “our” business “flowing”. I corrected him about it being our business and reminded him about how little faith he had in my potential to make decent money out of growing, selling cut flowers.

He was like “Well…I didn’t honestly think your little gardening hobby was going to get anywhere but now that business is “flourishing” I want my fair share of profit and won’t settle for less than 50%”

I was puzzled I asked why he thought he should get any share of profit let alone 50%. His answer was that I was using his soil to grow my flowers on.

I said this is our house/our soil not just his since we’re married and both our names are on the title. He was like “actually I owned this house long before you came along so it’s technically mine!” I replied that he must be aware it’ll be split in half in case of separation.

He laughed and joked about how silly I was for “hinting” separation just because he was asking for something that he so richly deserves which is 50% of the profit. I said no and that he was delusional to ask cause even his soil alone doesn’t magically grow my flowers there’s a lot of work to it from picking, buying seeds, taking time, effort to care for them. Collecting, triming, and selling them while all he does is sit back.

I said it didn’t matter to him when I started using “his soil” why now? He said it always matters when money is involved!. We had an argument about it and he apologized BUT ONLY for approaching the subject rudely but still wants 50%. He’s been silent about it since after stating that he already said what he needed to say and I needed to make the right decision. AITA?

To clarify my husband and I both have our own salaries, we contribute equally towards expenses. It’s his idea since he had a divorce before. He still has things that he owns alone which isn’t bad since money has never been an issue.

It’s not like he needs money for an emergency or something he just wants 50% of profit going forward.”

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