Here Are 10 Easy Tricks for 10 Everyday Tasks

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Taking care of yourself isn’t always easy, but you’ve got to do it anyway (well you don’t have to, but you should). So in the interest of helping make things just a smidge simpler, we’ve got a few ways you can improve your daily routine.

Again, you don’t have to…but you should!

1. Using a Paper Towel


If you’re like most of us, you probably grab your nearest paper towel without any thought to proper strategy.

However, if you fold the paper towel in half to double up its layers, you can dry your hands much more efficiently. This prevents water from sticking back onto your skin as you use your paper towel.

2. Going #2

Research shows Western-style toilets don’t do your bowel movements any favors. The sitting position is evolutionary unnatural for the job, which is why a small step-stool is exactly what you need to bring you back to your wild roots.

I.e. it’ll help you poop correctly and prevent health issues such as hemorrhoids.

3. Adjusting Your Car’s Side Mirrors

Most of us learned to adjust our car’s side mirrors so we can see a small portion of our car’s backside and along with the rest of the road.

Instead, adjust them so you can just barely see your car to decrease hazardous blind spots and get you a little extra peace of mind!

4. Avoid Shells in Your Eggs

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Conventional wisdom says you should crack eggs on the side of the bowl whenever you want an omelet or scrambled eggs. But doesn’t it bother you when a tiny sliver of shell inevitably gets inside the bowl?

It’s better to gently crack the egg on a flat surface, such as your cutting board or countertop, then pull the shell apart once you’re ready to get cooking.

5. Flushing the Toilet

Flushing the toilet with the lid up gets germs all over your bathroom (and possibly onto your toiletries). Thankfully you can solve the problem by putting the lid down when you flush. Easy!

6. Eating Pizza

No one likes it when the best part of the pizza—obviously the cheese and toppings—slides off as you try to enjoy your meal. Bending the pizza crust until you’ve got a U-shape can prevent this issue.

Plus you’ll be doing it like a real New Yorker, and they clearly have a way with pizza.

7. Get a Splash-less Pour

Placing a carton’s spout close to your glass seems like a good idea until you look down at the mess you’ve just made. Turns out that pouring with the cartoon upside-down (spout side on top) allows air to enter the carton as your milk or juice to travel down to your glass, which makes everything go a bit more smoothly.

That’s just physics.

8. Putting Soda Cans Away

Do you open your new box of soda and then take forever to put them away one by one? Save time by opening the box on both ends, putting it in the fridge, and carefully sliding in your soda cans out of the box and onto the shelf.

9. Keep Your Burger from Falling Apart

Watching your burger toppings end up on the plate is just sad. To keep everything where you want it, use your pinkies to daintily press the opposite side of the bun, preventing any accidental slide-age.

10. Dry Concave Dishes Efficiently

Putting glasses or mugs face down will make water slide down, but it also traps it there which can cause lingering dampness or even a not-so-nice smell. Put bowls, glasses, and cups face up, or rest the rim on something else to leave a gap where air can circulate. You can also buy a rack that lifts dishes up so that air circulates all around. The important bit is that any surface you want to dry nicely should be getting air.

What are you doing from this list? Can you think of other everyday things people are doing wrong? Let us know in the comments!