10 Pieces of Advice On How To Get Through a Day Wearing High Heels

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There’s a reason that the word ‘heel’ is so close to the word ‘hell’ (ok, fine, it was probably a linguistic accident – whatevs). Wearing even the cutest pair for an extended period of time can basically amount to torture, and if your line of work requires them on a daily basis, well, you definitely need to employ these hacks to get through your day.

And if you’re just dreading donning a pair for a weekend wedding, these will help you, too.

#10. Put your shoes in the freezer.

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For added comfort, stuff them with a bag of cold water first, but either way, leave them for at least 30 minutes. The cold material will adapt to your warm foot instead of the other way around.

#9. Tape your toes together.

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Specifically, your third and fourth toe, where nerve pressure can build up and cause pain.

#8. Break them in.

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Wear cotton socks dipped in hot water to break in your shoes around the house. It will help them stretch a little and not be so stiff when you step out.

#7. Don’t take them off.

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If your day isn’t over, don’t give in to the temptation of a five minute break. Your feet will most likely swell within minutes, making putting them back on a painful – or even impossible – task.

#6. Grab some double-sided tape.

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Use it to stick your foot to the bottom of the shoe, making sure that your foot doesn’t do the slipping and sliding that can cause blisters and toe pain.

#5. Have your deodorant do double duty.

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You can roll it on to your heels, toes, or anywhere else you experience painful chafing during the day.

#4. Invest in insoles.

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If you’re going to be wearing heels on a regular basis, investing in keeping your feet healthy is the way to go. These little socks, typically made from silicone or fabric, provide much-needed support and protection.

#3. Move around.

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If your feet are killing you, get up and walk. You can also sit down, but standing still in your heels is almost as bad as taking them off.

#2. Keep emergency supplies in your purse.

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Bandaids, roll-on chafing blockers, liquid bandage, mole-skin, or even an extra pair of insoles – there will come a day when you’re not sorry you have them along.

#1. Use hydrating cream.

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If you lather up before putting your heels on, it can help save your feet from rubbing, pain, and blisters, especially if your heels are new and still stiff.