Here Are 15 Pieces of Useless Trivia That Would Blow the Minds of Ancient People Everywhere


Have you ever stopped and wondered what the Ancient Greeks would have made of the Internet, or air conditioning, or an electrical grid in general? If so – or even if not – the Internet has thought about it harder, and come up with these 15 tidbits that would have completely blown about the minds of the ancient thinkers and regular folks.

#15. By five years old.

“Most people now, men and women, learn how to read and write by five years old.”

#14. It also isn’t proof that she isn’t.

“A woman floating when thrown into a body of water is NOT proof that she is a witch.”

#13. The spread of disease.

“Washing your hands helps stop the spread of disease. Ancient minds=blown.”

#12. The universe.

“Assuming you can explain to them concept of our planet

There are at least 200 billion galaxies out there so we’re very likely talking about a Universe filled with around 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in our observable Universe.”

#11. The plague.

“The bubonic plague is curable.”

#10. Say what?

“You don’t have the sacrifice virgins for the sun to keep rising.”

#9. We learned how to fly.

“We learned how to fly and 60 years later we went to the moon. Not only have we learned how to fly, we hate having to do it.”

#8. Not interesting enough

“I think what would amaze them most is not what we can do, but how little we care about it. I could open a new tab right now and look at detailed pictures of other planets and it’s literally not interesting enough to me to bother doing it.”

#7. Very dangerous.

“Lead and asbestos are VERY DANGEROUS!”

#6. Just phones.

“phones. not even smart phones. just phones.”

#5. A metal chariot.

“Every day I go to work, I go faster than any human did a little over a century ago, in a metal chariot powered by fire, controlled by lightning.”

#4. Only 69 years.

“There are only 69 years between the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the dropping of the first atomic bomb.”

#3. Food waste.

“We (in the US) waste 40% of the food we produce. Also the global population is over 7 billion strong.”

#2. The center of anything.

“We are not the center of the universe, nor are we the center of anything.”

#1. A little plastic nub.

“When I instantly need full daylight in the middle of the night, I move a little plastic nub about a quarter of an inch.”

Ain’t technology grand?