Here Are 15 Solitary Activities That Can Help You Feel Less Lonely

In our new era, social distancing is the norm and millions are figuring out how to pass the time. Learning to love your own company is an essential skill. One Reddit user posed the question:

“Reddit, what is a wholesome, solitary activity that a person can do to help forget how awful and poor their current life is?”

Since we all need new ideas, here are some awesome things you can start doing with your time that require the presence of absolutely no one else.

15. Exploring Your City’s Streets

“I’ve always loved devoting some of my Saturdays to city exploration.

Wake up, pocket some cash, and walk in a random direction without a plan. Follow your instincts. If a street looks interesting, take a turn and walk down it. See a weird shop? Look inside! My one rule: don’t backtrack. Keep going until it’s dark or you’re too tired, then find a route home or take an Uber if you can afford it.

It’s easy, rewarding, and great exercise. You’d have no idea how many hidden gems I’ve found around my city, be it alleyway coffee shops or vintage record stores. Try it, and I 100% guarantee you’ll love your city again.”


14. Watch a Movie

“A lot of people are scared of doing this but going to movies by yourself is a great activity to do.

You don’t have to worry about arranging plans with someone else.

Plus, it’s not like you are going to interact with the person you are going to the movies with unless you are an asshole.”


13. Cook Something New

“Learn to cook or bake something new.

If you can’t cook, learn the basics. If you can, try something advanced. It will be challenging for your brain and you’ll have food at the end of it.

Win win.”


12. Puzzles!

“A while back I hit a really bad place and wound up going to an inpatient facility for a few days. One of their rules was no phones whatsoever. So my usual timesink of Reddit/Facebook/YouTube was completely taken away from me. And what I found to fill that time was jigsaw puzzles.

Anytime I wasn’t in a program, I was working on a puzzle in the common room. In the short time I was there, myself and a few other residents put together an entire 1000 piece puzzle, and it was the first time in a long time I had felt genuinely proud of something I had done. I got home after I was released and immediately found a bunch of puzzles to put on my Christmas list.

They’re so great. It’s challenging, but not frustrating. You get a genuine sense of progress as you watch the image come together. You can turn on music or podcasts in the background. They can be done alone, or with friends. Just all around excellent.”


11. Gardening

“I’ve been designing and planning my garden for when I (hopefully) move in April.

Distracts from the ideation a bit.”


10. Long Walks

“Going for a long walk at a moderate pace.

Sometimes it’s good to think about nothing but keeping a decent pace.

Just get into a rhythm, you go into a zone that is hard to get into with all the distractions at work, home etc and it’s very therapeutic.”


9. Doodling

“Doodling, then coloring it in.

It’s completely focusing but mindless for me.

The feel of a pencil or pen across paper is very soothing to me.”


8. Running

“Public library.

If you’re in a large enough city check out all of the different ones and find a favorite. Find some podcasts you like and go for a walk or do housework.

Start a workout routine or just pick up running.

Running feels silly at first but you’ll get over it quickly.”


7. Reading!

“I enjoy reading. Getting lost in a good book can be incredibly therapeutic. It’s also basically free with a library card.”


6. Playing an Instrument

“Playing an instrument.

Pick an instrument you think you’d most like to play (guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, violin, etc.) and get one and start practicing.

Watch YouTube videos on how to practice and get better.”


5. Cross Stitching

“Cross Stitching.

It sounds like an old lady hobby but it’s both creative and methodical. I like to put on a podcast or a video without a ton of visuals, and just stitch for hours. You can get patterns online, DMC thread is only like 60 cents a skein, and the rest of the materials aren’t too expensive either at your local craft store.

It gives you something to focus on, and the finished product makes you proud of what you’ve done.”


4. Coloring Books

“It seems condescending, but adult coloring books.

It can be therapeutic to throw on some music, background noise, or maybe you enjoy the silence and just color.”


3. Singing Your Favorite Songs Alone


Not for others to hear, but for yourself.

There is something about singing your favourite songs that calms the mind. If it gives you even just a little more energy to face the day ahead, then it succeeds.”


2. Thrift-Store Shopping

“I started thrifting to keep my mind busy.

Sorting through clothes and learning about them and the quality. I’m still learning but have had fun buying and flipping some stuff along the way, and it’s a bit self-sustaining in that way which makes it even better! I hope you start feeling better soon!”


1. Make Soup

“Buy cheap vegetables, make soup very slowly and thoroughly.

Chop everything up into little pieces and just focus intently on every slice. Breathe in the fresh veggie aroma, the smell of browning onions, the smell of broth. Listen to the simmery bubbly sounds and stir gently every now and then. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine while you wait for the flavors to blend and the broth to thicken up. Pretend you are a sweet old grandma. When the soup is ready, get some crackers and pour some in a nice heavy bowl. Pretend you are the beloved little boy or girl eating soup made by your sweet old grandma. Pretend it’s like the soup from Zelda, healing you a little with every sip. Slow down and take in the wholesomeness of a homecooked meal prepared with care.

Care for yourself and receive that care.


Ahhhh…. these are all great ways to focus on one thing on your own. Hopefully, they give you great ideas for what to do next time you have some me-time on your hands.

Are any hobbies we missed? Let us know what you like to do on your own.