Here Are 5 Little-Known Facts About Your Favorite Celebs

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Who doesn’t love learning new things about your favorite celebrities?

These days, it seems like stars are more accessible than ever. They’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And yet every once in a while, you learn something new.

Here are a few little-known facts about your favorite celebs:

1. Rita Moreno

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Moreno is a Hollywood legend, and she brings a sense of elegance to One Day at a Time.

She also dated Elvis Presley to make Marlon Brando jealous.

Apparently, Brando was much better in the bedroom, and she considers Brando the “lust of her life.”

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

Photo Credit: Marvel

This actor is one of my personal favorites. He’s played Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Strange, and dozens of other roles.

In 2005, he was abducted and shoved into a car by six men wielding guns in South Africa.

They let him go, for reasons unknown, giving him a new appreciation for life.

3. Denzel Washington

Ah, Denzel. He’s handsome. He’s an amazing actor.

And his pinky dislocates at the drop of a hat. Seriously, he uses it to terrify children. It’s unnerving.

Just watch the video!

4. Betty White

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

She’s an icon. She’s aging better than most of us ever will. And she’s technically older than sliced bread.

White was born in 1922, and pre-sliced bread loaves hit supermarket shelves in 1928.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Just when you think you know everything about Monroe, someone reveals something new.

In this case, Jane Fonda revealed that she took acting classes with Monroe, and that she was always too scared to participate.

Who knew?!