Screenshots Of Entitled People And Their Crazy And Absurd Demands

People can be entitled sometimes! They may express it differently depending on what they want though. The internet is full of stories of broken friendships, ruined careers, and even divorces over someone else’s extreme rudeness.

The only silver lining we have is that cell phones, messaging apps, and social media now allow us to better capture these behaviors in real-time. Occasionally, we also get to out the culprits and get some vindication.

The screenshots below show that some people really need to read the room!

10. $15 is Less Than 10% The Asking Price!

This isn’t a friend!

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. Netflix Passwords Aren’t A Right!

They’re totally a privilege!

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. You Can’t Pay Rent In Tea!

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. You Knew The Risks!

You chose to eat where seagulls are present…

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. Sorry Tuesdays Don’t Work For You!

Sorry! Should they deliver on Wednesday?!

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. A Terrible Deal And A Dance?!

Is this a joke?

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. The Irony Here

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Please, Let This Be A Joke

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. What. Is. Wrong. With. People?!

Someone please let this person know you have to pay to build or buy a home!

Photo Credit: Reddit

1. In Case Anyone Has a Laptop Laying Around…

At least this person is asking nicely instead of messaging randos who are trying to sell their stuff?

Photo Credit: Reddit

Beggars can’t be choosers. It’s just too bad that some people don’t get the hint. The above screenshots and images only show a small percentage of people who think paying for something that’s on sale is merely a suggestion.

Have you encountered anyone like this or know someone who has? We won’t judge you for sharing those experiences in the comments!