Here Are Some of the Funniest Cat Jokes That Vets Put up on Their Signs


There is an art to putting up a funny joke on the sign for your business. It’s a delicate balance – one that can be difficult to strike.

And it becomes even more challenging when we’re talking about veterinarian offices. And cats on top of that.

But these people all nailed it!

Get ready to laugh…

1. Very true

2. This is my sister’s vet in Baton Rouge! No joke!

3. They’re still in charge

4. Ignoring you

5. Hey o!

6. 50/50

7. Ain’t that the truth?

8. Hairball City

9. You need a black belt

10. I learned it from watching you!

11. Cat thoughts

12. That’s impossible

13. Four good ones

14. I actually laughed at this

15. And…let’s end with a zinger

Those are all very humorous and I’d be proud to bring my cat Mr. Whiskers there.