25 Relatable Tweets That Are Literally You

Source: @alexmeyerrr on Twitter

These people know you better than you know yourself…or at least, they’re willing to say on Twitter what you hate to admit.

It’s okay. We all feel a little attacked, but at least we’re in it together.

25. Get a bigger bowl or make a bigger mess. Your choice.

24. Never turn the phone camera on yourself unless you’re prepared.

23. “Let’s try this one.”

22. At least it grows and stuff.

21. I am raising my hand.

20. How much time do you have?

19. FREE.

18. One pillow your kid is just going to rub snot and chocolate all over.

17. If there are alternatives I’m all ears.

16. I don’t see the issue.

15. You might be old but you’re not alone.

14. Really you should know better.

13. It’s not a secret language, people.

12. The best day of my life was when I gave up trying.

11. It really is excessive.

10. It’s what happens when you sell your soul for a paycheck.

9. What fire?

8. And scream while I do it.

7. Danger zone.

6. Your point?

5. I don’t even want the present okay?

4. What sort of person doesn’t carry all of the groceries at once? Losers.

3. It’s almost always the latter.

2. Humans are complicated.

1. I mean but slowing down is not an option?

Be careful when you look at Twitter – it’s looking back!