Here’s How People Are Handling a Vegan Influencer Suddenly Eating All the Meat

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In the past 5 years, social media influencers have experienced a meteoric rise. All you need to get started is a cell phone, some captions, and a lifestyle or line of products, though the competition for finding an audience has gotten pretty fierce.

Some people, like lifestyle influencer Alyse Parker, have built massive followings full of people who not only take their advice, but trust them to be who they say they are online.

So, what happens when people like Parker do a 180, betraying the hundreds or even thousands of people who took them at their word?

Well, in the case of her forgoing a vegan diet for one that’s entirely made up of meat, people are understandably upset – and feeling duped.


“The Carnivore Diet first came into my awareness when a close friend shared with me all of the benefits that he was experiencing by eating this way,” Alyse wrote. She also said she “woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.”

Nicole Zach, a fan from Chile who began a “successful vegan lifestyle” after following Alyse, told Buzzfeed News that though Alyse had been an “inspiration,” the announcement left her cold.

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“When she announced she was eating meat again I couldn’t believe it. She used to be so devoted to veganism,” Nicole said. “She can do whatever she wants of course, I just hope this change of diet and lifestyle doesn’t affect others. I would hate to see some of Alyse’s followers getting confused and considering eating animals again.”

A (former) fan named Haley is disappointed, too, and told Buzzfeed News she’s embarrassed that the blogger is part of her personal journey.

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“Up until [Alyse’s latest Instagram post] I would still reference her and be proud that she inspired me. However, now I feel as though I listened to a hypocrite,” Haley said. “Considering much of her product and basis of her career is on health and helping the environment, I do not think she has a care for anything besides herself.”

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Alyse is not alone, either. Recently, vegan influencer Yovana “Rawvana” Mendoza was caught eating meat while at a restaurant, and the fact that she was hiding it instead of just telling the truth created extra rub.

And while some followers understand that people are allowed to change their minds, and that health reasons can come into play, more and more feel like Nicole and Haley – like they were lied to, and like they’ll never be able to trust something people say online again.

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Which is all the more reason, I suppose, to live your life the way you feel is best for you, and take with a grain of salt how others live theirs.

Just a thought.