Centipedes May Look Ugly, but Don’t Kill Them — They Are Good for Your House


I’m not someone who’s afraid of bugs, in general. Spiders? Meh. Ants? Annoying, but meh. Beetles, roaches…okay, they’re a little worse.

But centipedes? Forget about it – I want them gone.

So, you can understand why I’d be a bit disappointed to read that I shouldn’t be killing them, even when they’re on my turf.


Here’s why.

It turns out that, like most spiders, centipedes are one of the good guys.

They kill other, worse pests like roaches, moths, flies, silverfish, and termites, all of which can do actual damage to your home or the people living it.


Unlike spiders, they don’t build webs, or even nests, but are constantly on the move looking for something to eat.

Sounds like me at certain times of the month! Heh heh…

Centipedes use their two foremost legs, which are filled with venom, to “lasso” other bugs, then wrap them up with the rest of their legs.


A disgusting mental image for a disgusting (looking) bug, but I mean…if they’re killing roaches, then maybe I should just let the little hunters do their thing.

If I’m being honest, since they can cover more than a foot a second, I don’t have that solid of a track record for actually killing them, anyway.