Artist Mashups Famous Artwork In History And Contemporary Pop Culture


Hayati is an artist from Cyprus who likes to makes mashups of contemporary pop culture and classic works of art. Make sure to follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hayatininevreni/

The result is a hilarious and cool mix up of old and new. Take a look at these pieces.

1. “Flirtatious”

2. “Mona Lisa In 2018”

3. “Family”

4. “Starry Night Tour”

5. “The Air Conditioner”

6. “Bat Gogh”

7. “Psycho Kid”

8. “Rasta Girl”

9. “Like a Swan”

10. “Obesity”

11. “Dog Problems”

12. “Stranger Things”

13. “Mixed Earphone”

14. “Burger King”

15. “Thank You And Have A Nice Day”

16. “Ginger Venus”

17. “Hipster”

18. “House At Work”

19. “Girl With A Baseball Bat”

20. “Have You Seen This Cat”

Old + new = awesome!