Here’s What Happens When You Lie To A Harvard Alumnus About Being A Harvard Alumnus

I’m sure that, by now, most of us realize that when you’re talking to someone who graduated from Harvard, they’re definitely going to tell you at some point that they graduated from Harvard.

This Harvard alum accepted a date with a guy who posted on his online profile that he was also an alum, and things started out well with some great conversation.

So I (25F) matched with a guy who had “Harvard Alum” in his bio. There aren’t too many of those in my small midwestern city so I suggested that we grab some coffee.

The date started off wonderfully. We had many shared interests and spent a good 30 mins talking about them.

When she inevitably asked about his time at Harvard, though, she got only a blank stare in return – which is when she learned he had completed an online certificate program.

A quick Google (yes, at the table) led to her informing him that he shouldn’t be claiming to be a real alum when he’s obviously not.

I started talking about my amazing undergraduate experience at Harvard and asked him what he concentrated in. He gave me a blank stare. After a moment he said “Oh, I finished a web dev certificate from the extension program.”

After some googling, I discovered that anyone can finish the web dev certificate by paying a $6000 fee and taking three online courses.

I then asked him “Why are you calling yourself a Harvard alumnus? When people hear ‘Bobby went to Harvard’ they assume that Bobby has an actual degree from Harvard, not some certificate that holds no real weight.”

They finished their coffee and he stormed off, telling her this is why people don’t like Harvard grads.

Anyway, my date got up and left, but not before the he said “This is why most people can’t stand people like you.” I’ve gone over our conversation multiple times yet I can’t see where I said anything wrong.

She’s not sure she was wrong, but is asking Reddit just in case.

First, we’re all wondering what the answer is to this question (it’s yes).

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There are definitely no winners here.

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The date isn’t coming out smelling like a rose or anything.

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It’s a thing, for sure.

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Some people were willing to give OP a little bit more of a break.

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I’m on the fence here. I probably wouldn’t have said anything, but was she wrong? I’m not sure.

Tell me where you’re landing in the comments!