Here’s What the Biggest Airport in the World Looks Like

Photo Credit: IG Airport

Hanging out in the airport is not anyone’s idea of a good time, but this new airport in Turkey might just make you a little excited for your layovers.


Istanbul New Airport (IGA) is officially the biggest airport in the world. It’s 818 million square feet, including 15 million square feet of terminal space. It can handle up to 90 million passengers a year. When it’s completed in 2025, it will be able to handle 200 million passengers a year.

Not only is the IGA enormous, but it also looks like something out of the future.

The ceilings are high and full of skylights; the floors are sparkling clean, and the architecture is surprisingly beautiful. The style is reminiscent of Turkish domes and mosques.


Tomas Stokke, director of Haptic and part of the design team for the airport explained more about its look and feel…

“The Istanbul airport attempts to reconcile the requirements for a top modern, functional airport with something that is rooted in local identity.

We were inspired by the local use of colors and patterns, the quality of light and how it penetrates buildings, as well as by traditional architecture such as the Süleymaniye Mosque.”

I think they nailed it. I mean, just look at this place!


The air traffic control tower is also shaped like a tulip, which is an important flower in Turkish culture.


This airport is more than just a pretty place to lay your head on your luggage and attempt to nap for an hour. It also features one of the world’s largest shopping zones with 55,000 square meters of duty-free shops.

And for those who want a more comfortable place to nap, the airport has a 451-room hotel available.

Check out this video of the inside of the airport!


Remember, it’s not going to be fully finished until 2025, so you have plenty of time to book your trip! 😉