Here’s Why People Are Putting Shaving Cream in Their Crocs

Image Credit: Instagram

There’s a current trend on TikTok where people are filling their Croc with shaving cream and then jamming their foot inside.

Wait. Don’t go away, because I promise you’re going to want to see this – it’s strangely satisfying?

See what I mean?

You’re still clicking…

And still…

You can’t stop watching.

I know, because I can’t, either.

My mother grew up on a farm and told us stories about going barefoot into the fields to find the freshest cow patty to squish between her toes, which I always thought was gross.

I mean, it is, but I’m thinking these people would get it?

Shaving cream is much more sanitary, though, so let’s stick with that.

I only hope the creator of this challenge isn’t some kind of sick creep with a foot fetish. For now, enjoy!