Here’s Why Scorpions Glow Green Under Ultraviolet Light

I’m an animal lover. I move spiders gently outside, I give sips of water to distressed bees, and I’m waited for the day when a needy little kitten will find me and require a home.

That said, there are a few beings – ticks, hornets, and scorpions among them – that I have some questions about for whoever turns out to be in charge.

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Scorpions are weird and sort of terrifying, and it turns out they glow green when put under ultraviolet light – and here’s why.

Derek Muller of Veritasium consulted with Dr. Carl Kloock, who works at California State University at Bakersfield, to understand this weird phenomenon.

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I mean sure, scorpions are the devil, but why would they glow neon green when put under ultraviolet light (artificial or natural)?

Basically, we’re pretty sure it’s because it helps them know when it’s time to scuttle back into their dark devil holes and hide away for the day.

“What we don’t know is why they want to detect ultraviolet light so badly that they’ve turned their whole body into a photon detector. The suspicion is that it has to do with determining whether or not they should come out at night.”

Image Credit: YouTube

This is also good information for us humans to have, especially if you live in an area where these little buggars are common and could be hiding in nefarious dark spots – like your bed, for example.


You know who you are if this is helpful advice, so maybe invest in a small ultraviolet device if you need it.

At any rate, it can’t hurt.