Here’s Why There Aren’t Typically Windows In A Grocery Store

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If you, like me, have never really thought about the fact that there aren’t windows in the grocery store, you’re probably wondering about it now. Because if you think about it, there are usually not even a ton of windows in the front, aside from the sliding doors, right?

Let’s find out the reasons behind this design choice, shall we? I’m super curious myself!

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It mostly boils down to retail shopping psychology, which helps stores create an environment where shoppers feel comfortable spending a good amount of both time and money. Things like the tile floors, which encourage people to slow down, and the up-tempo music, which keep you a good frame of mind, all play a role.

As far as the windows, not being able to see the world outside creates a sense of suspended time, where people won’t notice the time or day or a storm rolling in – and the longer you stay, the more money you spend.

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There are a few practical considerations as well, like large windows letting in sunlight that might cause fading packaging or windows reducing display space. The former concern could end up costing stores money, too, protecting their fresh food from the harmful effects of sunlight.

If you like to shop in the sunlight, or don’t like feeling coerced and manipulated by the man, you can always choose outdoor, local, fresh options like farmer’s markets for most of your fresh food needs.

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But when if comes to canned goods, ice cream, and other goodies you shouldn’t eat that come in packages, just keep in mind that you’re in charge of your own destiny inside the grocery store.

No matter what your manipulated brain tries to tell you.