Here’s Why Typing Classes Changed the Course of History Forever

We take our ability to type for granted because there are so many devices that have keyboard interfaces on them. And for good reason! We literally type almost all day long at most of our jobs.

And that’s why it’s no surprise to learn that typing classes were once a big deal.

It’s hard to believe now, but can you even imagine typing on one of these things?

Yes, the first typewriters don’t look easy to use, and that’s because they weren’t. But there are were some very sound, practical reasons why typing classes were a must to master this new technology. So here are 3 reasons why typing classes absolutely changed the course of history for the better!

3. Typing Was a New Form of Communication

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Prior to typing, it was difficult for individuals to create mass communications. Printing presses and book publishers had a monopoly on typefaces and printing abilities.

Typewriter companies figured this out eventually and created manuals that would help students learn how to properly use them.

2. Typing Teachers Commanded Respect

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Along with becoming an important school subject, typing classes prepared students for jobs that were readily available.

Teachers were actually known to be quite rigorous in their teaching methods, and they came up with some creative ways to make sure their students were masters of the machines they depended on each day.

1. Typing Was Eventually Required at Schools

Before this was the case, most people in typing classes were women. This meant few men joined these classes, and they often looked down on the trade. Once schools required typing, more men were able to learn how to do it.

Let’s not forget that typewriters were the precursor to modern-day computers today. Without the standards developed in typing class, we’d have fewer standards for good typing today.

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The early history of how typing changed communications is neat, right?

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