Here’s Why We Think Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Really Does Beat the Other Guys’

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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Popeyes has debuted a chicken sandwich. There has been outrage at its limited availability – even assaults that ended with people dying (really) over the thing – but aside from the fact that you can get them on Sundays (and the company that makes them isn’t famously homophobic), is Popeyes’ chicken sandwich really any yummier than their competitors’?

Yes. Here’s why:

First, the bun is better.


Popeyes decided to set themselves apart with a buttery brioche bun, and let me tell you – it worked. The bun is the perfect case for their sandwich and the whole thing only costs $3.99, while most “fancy” restaurants up-charge you for such delightful bread.

They know fried chicken.


People are saying that Popeye’s chicken is thicker and juicier than Chick-fil-A’s, and that’s likely because their business is yummy fried chicken and nothing else. Customers already know this – Popeyes has been the go-to spot for a bucket of chicken (sorry, KFC) for a long time.

I mean, it was even Anthony Bourdain’s favorite spot to grab a three-piece meal.

Size matters.


The Popeyes sandwich is large, coming in at around 480 calories, and while CFA’s sandwich is going to cost you 440 calories, the piece of chicken is quite a bit smaller.

They both have pickles, and no one really cares who did it first.


People believe that by putting pickles on their sandwich, Popeyes was directly challenging Chick-fil-A’s dominance in the fast food chicken sandwich game.

Chick-fil-A’s response has been to emphasize that their sandwich is “the original,” but here’s the thing – it turns out people aren’t that loyal when it comes to OG chicken sandwiches.

Other restaurants, like Wendys and Shake Shack, have tried to elbow their way in through the door left cracked by the fact that Popeyes can’t seem to keep up with demand, but people seem to be partial to Popeyes.

So I guess if you’re Chick-fil-A, you figure you’ve weathered storms before this one. And, you know, you have no shortage of chicken sandwiches that people can get any day.

Except Sunday.