Here’s Why You Should Absolutely Flip Your Pot Pies over Before You Eat Them

Photo Credit: iStock

Apparently, you should be flipping your pot pies upside down before you eat them. Wild, I KNOW. A food writer has Very Strong Opinions about this, and once you read the reasoning behind it, it does seem pretty convincing.

James Park, a writer at Eater, says that frozen, personal pot pies should be flipped upside down before you eat them. That’s because these pies are usually circular and sitting in an aluminum shell, so you have to scoop them to eat them, which results in an “uneven ratio of crust-to-filling.”

That means you either get too much filling and an overly wet bite, or you get too much crust and an overly dry bite.

So, James recommends flipping the pie over and then taking the aluminum shell off.

“Now that it’s on your plate, you can actually slice the pie as if you are cutting through a slice of cake with the side of your fork,” he wrote.

And boom, you get a bite with the filling, the bottom crust, and the top crust.

As a frozen pot pie lover, I am stunned that I have never heard of this trick – but it seems that other people have.

“I grew up on the cheapo Banquet pot pies and this was the best way to eat them. Helps cool down the molten hot gravy faster, too,” one Twitter user said.

Other people prefer their own methods.

“I flip mine into a bowl and mash the whole thing into a chicken pot paste,” one person said.

“This argument’s easy to avoid if you just eat the entire thing in one bite,” another said.

Welp, time to go buy a pot pie and do some experimenting.