Here’s Why Your Cat Likes to Hang Out in Your Sink

Image Credit: Instagram

Cats are strange beasts. I say that in a loving way, having owned several cats in my life and having loved them all – but most of the time, there seems to be little rhyme or reason behind their actions.

Except that they all seemed designed to stop you from working or possibly kill you, of course.


And if you’ve owned a cat or two, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed they enjoy curling up in your bathroom sink…but why?

We don’t have any hard answers, but most theories center around the ideas of comfort and safety, according to Dr. Rebecca Greenstein.

Our bathroom sinks have a curved shape that makes cats feel nestled, and puts pressure on their body the way litter mates would were they still together.


The sink is also likely cooler than other spots in the house, so if your cat is feeling warm, they might seek it out for the purpose.

Other theories include the bathroom being a typically quiet spot for a nap or the idea that because sinks are up high, cats feel as if they have more security at the higher vantage point.

There’s no harm in letting your cat sit in your sink, and it can be funny to turn on the water and see what happens (my cats usually just stare at me until I lose and turn off the water).

They like it, and you only use it a couple of times a day.


A solution, though, if the behavior bothers you is to simply keep the bathroom doors closed. It will be good practice for the day you own a toddler (or a puppy) and prefer to keep your toilet paper rolls in tact.

Not that I would know anything about that.