He’s Mad at His Girlfriend Because She’s Instantly Good at Everything. Is He a Jerk?

I don’t want to influence your opinion at all, but this guy kind of sounds like a d**chebag to me…

I mean, who wouldn’t want their partner to be really good at everything they try?

That’s awesome!

But you know how people can be…

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AITA for getting frustrated with my girlfriend who’s just instantly good at everything, including rock climbing apparently?

“My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year, and honestly she’s just really smart.

Like she told me she barely passed high school because she didn’t really care, but she took a gap year and got into college as a later in life student and just decided to do engineering? And she did fine and got high honors every year?

Like i genuinely don’t know how she does it but she doesn’t pay attention or try at a lot but when she actually does pay attention to something she masters it pretty fast.

Like I swear she lives on easy mode, she works like 1 or 2 hours a day at her job, makes a full-time salary, and says she gets everything her bosses ask for done in that little time so why work more? She’s been doing this for like 6 years across different jobs and for a while I thought she might be getting close to getting fired, but no she got offered a promotion?

And this year we’ve wanted to get more fit together and it’s a little frustrating because whenever we sign up for a class together, or try something new together, she is like instantly good at it and gets frustrated I’m not.

Like we went roller skating and she just threw herself into it, wiped out like 10 times, then got it down. I was trying to be a little more careful because I’m a bigger guy and couldn’t take all those falls, and she started to get annoyed saying I wasn’t ever gonna learn if I didn’t take some risks

This week, we started rock climbing and were taking a class on belaying, and each time the instructor showed us a new knot, she just did it instantly right along with the coach.

And when we were setting up to climb, she kept on being like “no not like that” when I was tying in and when I got frustrated she’d just reach over and redo my knots she got mad and told me that if I was holding her 40 feet up I better start paying attention. I felt frustrated and hurt because I was doing my best, I would have just preferred if she let the coach correct me

I got home after climbing and told her that I was getting frustrated that just because stuff comes easy to her and she gets it instantly doesn’t mean she can talk down to me. She got frustrated and said that’s fine if we’re talking about painting or some s**t, but when she’s depending on me for her safety, I can’t screw it up, I need to pay attention.

I told her most people aren’t like her, I feel like she’s been able to do anything she actually paid attention to, but for some of us it takes a little more time. She was like “He literally showed you how to tie off 5 times, like if you can’t get it by then, maybe you should of told me instead of just screwing around

I feel frustrated because I wasn’t trying to screw around, and I feel like she always looks down on me or thinks I’m not trying

AITA for how I acted at the climbing class and for my frustrations with my girlfriend?”

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