Hey Straight Dads – Here Are 5 Things Gay Dads Want You to Know

Image Credit: Instagram

Parenting is a universal experience, one that does, admittedly, differ a bit between fathers and mothers. That said, if you’re a straight dad, you might not think that much about the experience of your gay counterparts – but maybe you should!

If you’re up for being more self-aware and inclusive of all of the other parents in your school, on your kids’ sports teams, etc, then check out the list below, compiled by a gay dad for all of the straight dads in his life (and beyond).

#5. Questions are fine.


You might never have known another gay dad, so go ahead and ask questions. A good rule of thumb, though? If your question seems too awkward to ask a straight parent, you probably don’t want to ask it of a gay man, either.

For example, don’t ask probing questions about how they built their family, and definitely don’t inquire as to “which is the mother?” Everyone is a father here.

#4. They understand mental load.

Stress that relates to the invisible workload of parenting isn’t reserved for women – and that’s especially true of same-sex couples where there is no female responsible for taking care of house and kids.

#3. Our kids are watching (and learning).


The children of straight parents and the children of gay parents are watching and learning, and one day they will be copying what they see. So be sure that you’re striving to be the kind of person you want to send out into the world – will they act how you desire when you’re not looking over their shoulder?

Hopefully, if you led by example.

#2. Nurture has no gender.

Don’t feel sorry for their kids because they don’t have a mother figure. Men are just as capable as providing a loving, nurturing home for children – a reality that it’s high time more straight men accepted.

#1. They’re just like you.


Gay dads notice if you head off to do your own thing when they’re around, and they worry about it later. They’d love an invitation to do “guy” things like a dads’ night out, a beer while the kids run around in the yard, or a “Happy Father’s Day” once a year.

Love is love, people – share some with all of the dads in your life!