Hilarious Examples of Why Selling Stuff Online Is a Nightmare

©Unsplash,Marco Jimenez

Why do people have to be so darn difficult?

And just so we’re clear, I’m talking about pretty much EVERYONE.

They really get on my nerves! And I have a feeling that you probably feel the same way…I don’t have any proof of that, but I just have a hunch…

And you really get to know some of the gems out there when you try to buy or sell something online on places like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

For some reason, that really brings out the people who just make you lose faith in the entire human race.

Here are some perfect examples of exactly what I’m talking about.

1. “I’m haggling.”

Well, go haggle somewhere else, okay?

I missed out on some serious cash 🙁 from ChoosingBeggars

2. The nerve of some people.

Just assumed this person would take that much off…jeez…

Where do you want to meet you from ChoosingBeggars

3. You’ll come back! And you’ll beg!

Well, don’t hold your breath.

Lady gets mad because I won’t negotiate price after she tells me she knows better artists that charge $5 for commissions. Says I will come back begging her. from ChoosingBeggars

4. I know you won’t take that, so I’ll offer even less!

What a plan! I can’t believe it didn’t work.

So I was selling 32gb of ram and asking $150 (Canada) and got this gem from ChoosingBeggars

5. If you’re so broke, why do you need a Gucci bag?

People really get on my nerves.

The deal of a lifetime from ChoosingBeggars

6. Wow. Just, wow…

What a major jerk.

I was selling a galaxy s10 for 250. The night before we had agreed on 180 after he said he only had 160. Now he tries to get it for 75 from ChoosingBeggars

7. Do you know what “pickup only” means?

Well, let me tell you.

I wonder if he’s still driving around looking for my house.. from ChoosingBeggars


How do people like this even function out in the world?

Yes Gary. I will pay you $25 to pick up an item I’m giving you that you want for free. from ChoosingBeggars

9. This one didn’t end nicely.

What do you expect?

CB has an app idea for me from ChoosingBeggars

10. In the middle of the night.

“I’m having a rough time…”.

Piece of sh*t contacting me in the middle of the night. Hate these type of people. from ChoosingBeggars

11. Just keep on going.

Don’t even bother with them.

Selling a camera for $600. The guy says he can only pay in cash and turns up with $370 and expects it’ll be fine. I didn’t even get out of my car. Just drove away. from ChoosingBeggars

12. Mind-blowing.

You don’t get it…

The second interaction I’ve had with a choosing beggar on Craigslist. This time for a lawn-mower I was selling from ChoosingBeggars

13. The master negotiator.

Great job, Thelma!

Thelma, master negotiator from ChoosingBeggars

Have you ever had any bad experiences while selling things online?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments.

We want to hear more about all the crazy folks out there!