12 Memes To Reflect on Just How Much Life Has Changed Lately

Source: @lindsaytheis on Twitter

We know you’re going a little stir crazy being trapped inside your homes and apartments, but hang in there, okay!

We’re all fighting to get through this difficult period, even though we are bored to death and all fighting major cases of cabin fever.

Well, we want to take your mind off of the madness for a few minutes so you can have a laugh and a little relief.

Here are some funny memes that poke fun at our current situation.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Welcome to 2020!

It’s going great, so far!

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2. You look incredible.

And now you know what your new job is when this is all over.

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3. Doesn’t look so bad now.

New trends are sweeping the nation.

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4. Gonna be HOT out there!

Let’s hope this is only a joke.

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5. Long hair, don’t care.

Just let it all go for now.

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6. Remember when that was a thing?

Once upon a time…

7. A huge difference.

Cats haven’t changed at all.

8. Good for you!

Learning new things is important.

9. Take your time.

Don’t be a guinea pig.

10. And you shed a tear…

A sad state of affairs.

11. How much weight have you gained?

It’s okay, you can be honest with us.

12. The first 18 plagues.

Do you remember them?

F-U-N-N-Y spells funny. And it means a little break from reality.

Will you do us a big favor?

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Thanks a million!