People Are Getting Creative With Their Coronavirus Safety And Social Distancing Measures

Photo Credit: Pexels

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has spread to many countries all over the world. Governments are urging citizens to stay home, and some countries are on lockdown.

Common advice includes frequently washing one’s hands (and for a minimum of 20 seconds), not touching one’s face or eyes, and staying indoors to prevent transmission.

People are changing their habits in order to prevent sickness, but some people are changing their habits more than most.

7. This YouTuber Went All Out!

YouTuber is ready to travel and stay safe.

6. Bras Are DIY Masks Now!

(Note: there’s no proof that these work or that they don’t.)

5. Here’s An Interesting Thread

These are some creative methods to go shopping for food.

4. Dogs Also Get Protection Too!

People are geniuses at repurposing every-day items so they can fashion any possible way to protect themselves—and their furry friends.

3. Motorcycle Helmets Have a New Purpose

2. Memphis Parents Aren’t Playing!

Some parents are wearing garbage bags as outfits. The video also shows parents who spray their children down with disinfectant, and who wipe their children’s things down as well.


1. This Man Made Made An Isolation Contraption

A perfect visual for our time of social distancing.

These things seem funny, but at least they show that people are taking the coronavirus seriously and doing what they can to prevent infection.

In the meantime, it’s definitely important to heed the suggestions of public health experts and stay put.

What did you think of these makeshift prevention tools? We can’t wait to know your thoughts and opinions.